Friday, March 21, 2008

Screw Canada, I'm going to Nepal

Well, well. After a lovely day of shots and other immunizations I'm ready to formally make my announcement:

On April 7th I'm leaving fair San Francisco for Kathmandu, teaching bike repair to Nepali street kids and orphans with Wrench Nepal. It's kind of like the Bike Kitchen Kathmandu, but also kind of not--and while I've got loads of bike repair and organizing experience, I have pretty much zero experience working with homeless youth. So that will be an interesting challenge. Also on the docket: figuring out what it means to be part of a Western-run community project in the Third World and convincing my charges that Avril Lavigne isn't punk. It's going to be a crazy adventure, and I'll be back (and, I'm sure, completely jet-lagged) at the beginning of September.

I've got a small passel Nepali Rupees in my bag right now, along with an Asian-network cellphone and a slew of business cards. Wrench Nepal is at 123 Bhat Bateni Marga in Kathmandu, but I dunno yet what the situation is on care package delivery. I guess I'll find out when I get there...

Advice, well-wishes, and curses are always welcome, of course!

All in lieu of bike touring to Montreal, yes. This seemed like a much worse idea, and just so much more enticing.

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