Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Potash, Utah

Coming from the south, cross the Colorado and take the first left. There is not another left for 12 miles, so don't miss it. You will approach Potash from the north, because the only way to approach Potash is from the north.

Continue for 16 miles. The road will hug the sandstone cliffs and sometimes seem cantilevered out over the water. It's not. Stop at the petroglyphs, or not. Stop at the dinosaur footprint, or not. The speed limit is 50, but driving that fast is not recommended, as it is easy to miss these monuments and making a u-turn is often difficult.

You will see a man with poles and long bladed roller skates. This is normal; he is training for cross country skiing in the winter. Pass him. A dirt bike will overtake you, crossing over the double yellow lines in a blind curve, but this is also normal. Don't take it personally.

When you get to Potash, don't be surprised that there is nothing there, because there is nothing there. It's just a salt factory and a railroad spur, and the road turns to dirt where the tracks end. Rock climbers love this area, but you won't see them.

Take pictures. Get shooed away by a security guard. Keep taking pictures anyway, because it is a public road. He won't challenge you, and you have the law on your side.

Get back in the car and head toward the crossroads. Pass the man on rollerskis, now headed the other direction. Get passed again by the dirt bike. As you drive, watch the gas need drop farther and farther, faster and faster. The gas light might or might not work, and you don't know how big the tank is.

Drive slow, don't stop, and pray you won't have to walk.


L said...


How's the food? What kind of car are you driving? Have you seen any inbreeding? Is it hot out? Utah is famous for having a hospital specializing in bariatriac surgery (you know those people who need extended bathroom wipers mehehe) no but really they do specialize, its true. Any mormon pies? Does it compete with the Amish? I'm going to CA this weekend because my brother has a food thing. Love!

Mario Bruzzone said...

Leah, if you had told me about the bariatric surgery, I'd have made a pilgrimmage just for you.

Anyway, the desert is freaking hot, and so dry that you get dehydrated doing nothing but sitting in the shade.

The car's a 1991 Nissan Maxima. Send me good vibes for it...