Saturday, June 03, 2006

Cortez, Colorado

I think the most awesome thing about Cortez, Colorado—possibly the only awesome thing about Cortez, Colorado—is that the town has a police car with flames painted down the sides.

I arrived in Cortez on graduation day for the high school, and to celebrate the dorky kids and mostly their parents came to Cortez City Park to hear Ralph's Dinosaurs1 play the classics: "I Feel Good," "Born to be Wild," "Jenny (867-5309)," "Fortunate Son," "Turning Japanese" (by request). The cool kids were up the street, idling their cars in front of Gecko's Sport & Night Club and waiting for nothing to happen.

But about that car: This same weekend was the Cortez Classic Car Show2, also in Cortez City Park, in which lots of cars were parked on the grass, detailing examined, leather fingered, and hoods popped. The Cortez Police Department entry is not an appropriate car for the show—it's a modern Ford or Chevy—but it sits there anyway, perhaps to show that Cortez is "cool" and "with it." As they are, as only a town of 6,000 can be.

1 Name has not been changed.

2 Name has been made up.

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