Friday, May 19, 2006

Travelogue: Lake Tahoe

Biking around Lake Tahoe took me about 4 on-bike hours, and a little under five hours total. The highway on the Nevada side is reduced to one lane at times for construction, and sometimes the delays reach 20 minutes, as I discovered when I was leaving town on 50. On the bike, though, the most I waited was about five.

The round trip was just over 70 miles, but at 6500 to over 7000 feet of elevation. The flat sections were well paved, save for one area near Incline Village, and the speed was quick. Anytime I tried to work a little harder, such as climbing out of the valley, I couldn't hack it. Too much time near the ocean, not enough time in the mountains, perhaps.


L said...

You look like a character in a dr seuss book with that little curl sticking up in the middle of your head! so cute!

Mario Bruzzone said...

Hey! It's hard to take self-portraits--especially when just raising your arm makes you pant.

But I'm glad you like it.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that you went to Nevada and then back to CA. Well I guess that is what happens when you drive around a lake in 2 states. That is why Lake Tahoe is not the biggest lake in California. Onward intrepid travler!
love from Christine