Friday, August 01, 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008

A KawaaDi, Teku, Kathmandu

That's not a typo in the title, but the standard way of marking that D as a retroflex--as opposed to dental--consonant. (By sound I think the standardized spelling should be KhaawaDi, but my Nepali tutor says otherwise..)

Anyway, Aaron and I spent yesterday fishing through kawaaDis--junkyards--in the industrial neighborhood of Teku for parts to build this ridiculous washing machine with.

All I could think of was how beautiful a lot of these piles were--and how the only people who would think so are those of us for whom replacement parts are easily had, who have the privilege to visualize a pipe outside of its ability to carry water or a conduit wires, who can see a bag of seized bearings and be happy that someone knows they're worth saving, that they'll be useful for something.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Boudhanilkantha, Nepal

My friends Sareena, Olivier, and Kholga--aka Rai ko Ris--had a little show at Sareena and Olivier's house in Boudhanilkantha on Monday. Most of the pictures ended up more than a little blurry, and the highlight was Sareena calling me up to, uh, demonstrate the Bollywood dance moves that some of the little kids at P.A. Nepal made me learn. I would humbly suggest that I stole the show. There's a video somewhere, which will almost certainly come back to haunt me later.

Koteshwor, Kathmandu