Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Salt Lake City (I)

"And what a blessing it is to have a prophet living in our time," you hear from Sister Rowley on your tour of Temple Square. Sister Rowley is perhaps 20 years old, young like all of the Sisters who lead tours, and Susan, who is taking the tour with you, doesn't quite believe her earnestness. Sister Rowley tends to deviate from the script, interjecting vernacular and metaphor into her delivery. Later, Susan will say, "She seemed less into being a missionary and more like a normal teenage girl."

Now, though, standing outside Assembly Hall and looking at the metallic zeppelin of the Tabernacle (under construction), Sister Rowley keeps looking at you with a surreptitious sweep of her eyes. Perhaps you are tempting her. At the end of the tour, she says you remind her of her brother, and her hand brushes your fingertips when she hands you the comment card.

Do Mormons confess? You hope so. If not, perhaps they pray to ask forgiveness of the Almighty.

You hope you have given Sister Rowley something to confess to God.

Susan (also an Oberlin alum) and I in front of the Temple.

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