Friday, June 16, 2006

Pecos, Texas

Money Reward

For DEAD Bank Robbers

A cash reward will be paid for each Bank Robber legally killed while Robbing this bank

The Texas Bankers Association, a'corporation, offers a standing reward for each bank robber legally killed while robbing and holding up a reward subscribing member bank in Texas with firearms during the daytime. Limits of the place and time of such killing are: in the banking house, or as the robbers and holdups leave the bank, while the robbery and holdup threats are being committed within the bank; and as they flee from the bank with the property taken, and are resisting legal pursuit and arrest, within five miles of the bank robbed and within one hour after the robbery and holdup.

  • The amount of the reward for each dead robber will be the total collected from subscribing member banks at $5 per subscriber, but the total amount, in any event, shall not exceed $5,000.00.
  • This reward does not apply to night attacks on Texas banks.
  • The Association will not give one cent for live bank robbers. They are rarely identified, more rarely convicted, and most rarely stay in the penitentiary when sent there--all of which operations are troublesome, burdensome, and costly to our government.
  • In order to protect the lives of people in such banks and to protect the property of such banks, the Association is prepared to pay for any number of such robbers and holdups so killed, while they are robbing and holding up its reward subscribing member banks with firearms in the daytime.
  • It is expressly provided that only the Texas Bankers Association shall determine whether or not payment of this reward shall be made hereunder, and to whom (if anyone) such payment shall be made, and such determination and judgement final, conclusive and not reviewable.
  • This reward is effective January 15th, 1933, and all other rewards, offers and statements are cancelled and superseded hereby.



    Alex Hill said...

    Wow; I want to move to Texas now. :)

    Mario Bruzzone said...

    I know...explains a lot, doesn't it?