Saturday, November 25, 2006

(By Way of Explanation)

"I'm going to post Montana next, for my own reasons. Then, perhaps, the rest of the driving trip.

And then, perhaps, I think I'll rest a little.

By making my brother write for me."

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L said...

Im a bad person. I dropped my phone in the toilet (before i pooped thankfully)and then didnt call you back when I was in CA because i didnt have your number (my phone broke) and I cant find your email. So I seriously suck and need to send you a burrito via fedex or something as an apology. Oh on top of that anchor steam brewery you have to reseve a tour months in advance and theres no restaraunt just a tour. Arg. It was lame. Anyway, hope you read this. I feel terrible and love you very much. I hope you can forgive me or at least love me more than people who need bathroom extenders