Monday, May 01, 2006

The Bibliography

Because this is the Official Site of Mario Bruzzone (google, ahem), here's a list of the already published works of mine you can find on the internet.

Book Reviews

  • San Francisco Chronicle Book Review: "Murder of pregnant woman ignites race and class issues" (7/04/06)

  • "The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo: Beauty on Every Page" (dated 4/25/06; actually published 5/25/06)

  • San Francisco Chronicle Book Review: "Boys-school thriller holds an odd secret" (1/8/06)
  • "The Nature of the Mind" (7/8/05)
  • "The Lonely Shall Inherit the Earth" (6/10/05)
  • "Solution Unsolved: The Murderer is Caught, but the Biggest Mystery is Left Unresolved" (12/24/04)
  • "In Diablo's Shadow" (10/02/04)
  • "A Sextet for Overlapping Soloists" (9/4/04)

    (Last updated 7/04/06)

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